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About Me

Creating my own stories has always been my favorite aspect of creating animation. Making characters and making the world they interact with is satisfying to see. Visualizing the character in my world helps build upon the story and only the character can tell the story that I make. Influenced by the classic cartoons, comics, anime, and movies from Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Toei Animations, DC Comics, and Marvel Comics have an impact on the stories I create. Seeing their characters interact with each other and taking on the problem they face was so inspiring to me. The dialogue, the action, and the scenes that they convey brings life to the story. In my work as an animator and character designer, I want to achieve making my own original stories and have my viewers engage with them. I make art to show people my creativity in storytelling and making it visually interesting. Feel free to contact me via Social Media or Email.    

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